At the Sisi Hanem Egyptian Music and Dance Academy, we employ the SAVI technique (Somatic, Auditory, Visual, Intellectual) approach in teaching to provide a well rounded and integrated system that is suitable for students of all levels and learning abilities.

We strive to teach in a supportive environment, encouraging the development of each individual’s unique style, whilst maintaining the essence and form of the Egyptian style of Oriental dance and music.

Dance and Musical Styles:

Raqs Sharqi (Oriental dance)
Raqs al Assaya (Cane dance)
Raqs al Hawanem (Ladies dance)
Raqs Eskinderani (Alexandria dance)

We offer the following classes for dancers and musicians from beginner to professional level:

Beginners Dance Technique:
The foundational movements for Egyptian style Oriental dance with an emphasis on correct posture, balance and muscle integration, accompanied by live percussion and an introduction to Arabic rhythms.

Dance and Live Percussion:
Intermediate to professional level dancers and musicians study music structure and melody interpretation, entrances and exits, drum solo, finger cymbals and tambourine. Insights given into the significance and meaning of cultural gestures and how they relate to the dance movements and rhythms. More in depth study of Arabic rhythms and how to achieve harmonious interaction between dancers and musicians.

In addition to dance classes, we offer a wide instruction on the following traditional instruments:
riqq (tambourine,) tabla (darbuka,) mazher (big tambourine with big cymbals) in the Arabic style.
In percussion classes, you learn the names and the measures of Arabic rhythms and how to improve your skills in interacting with melody and dancers. For dancers, it can enhance your dancing and enjoyment of the music by understanding the rhythms and the phrases. By gaining knowledge in this area, you can structure the type of movements and the number of repeats in a musical piece which makes for a polished and professional performance.

Arabic Language/Song Interpretation:
Ideal for those travelling to Arabic countries and for professionals wishing to acquire a deeper understanding of song lyrics.

Embracing Oriental Dance as an ideal form of exercise and regeneration for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. A dance that since ancient times, has been used to celebrate the female body and enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Seminars are available in all topics;
please contact us with your requests